Warwickshire RFU

Colts Preliminary Fixtures 2022 – 2023

Please see attached league fixtures for 2022/23. The following teams have entered:

Barkers Butts
Old Coventrians
Old Laurentians
Old Leamingtonians

Whilst the fixtures are scheduled for Saturday we encourage flexibility [e.g. Friday Night Lights]. Where your team is not mentioned, you have a rest week.

Two minor changes to the ‘final’ list sent earlier this week!
Week 11 fixtures moved from 17/12/22 to 14/01/23
Week 12 fixtures moved from 07/01/23 to 11/02/23
Updated list below.
GMS updated.

The Warwickshire Cup dates will be as follows:

R1 – 28 Jan
QF – 11 Mar
SF – 25 Mar
Final – Friday 14 April @ Broadstreet RFC.

National Cup. Clubs should know in next week or so if they have been successful in entering the National Cup. If there are more applicants than places, the Colts Committee may have to adjudicate on entrants. Please be aware the default day is Sunday for this competition.

Kind regards

Damian Dixon

Hon. Sec. Warwickshire Colts


New Date    
03/09/2022Week 1 Fixtures  
 Old Leamingtonians 1vBarkers
 Old CoventriansvBroadstreet
10/09/2022Week 2 Fixtures  
 Old LaurentsvOld Coventrians
17/09/2022Week 3 Fixtures  
 NewboldvOld Laurents
 NuneatonvOld Leamingtonians 1
01/10/2022Week 4 Fixtures  
 Old CoventriansvNewbold
 Old Leamingtonians 1vKenilworth
 Old LaurentsvEarlsdon
15/10/2022Week 5 Fixtures  
 BarkersvOld Laurents
 BroadstreetvOld Leamingtonians 1
 EarlsdonvOld Coventrians
22/10/2022Week 6 Fixtures  
 Old CoventriansvBarkers
 Old LaurentsvOld Leamingtonians 1
12/11/2022Week 7 Fixtures  
 Old LaurentsvNuneaton
 Old Leamingtonians 1vOld Coventrians
19/11/2022Week 8 Fixtures  
 Old CoventriansvNuneaton
 NewboldvOld Leamingtonians 1
 KenilworthvOld Laurents
26/11/2022Week 9 Fixtures  
 Old LaurentsvBroadstreet
 Old Leamingtonians 1vEarlsdon
 Old CoventriansvKenilworth
10/12/2022Week 10 Fixtures  
 BarkersvOld Leamingtonians 1
 BroadstreetvOld Coventrians
14/01/2023Week 11 Fixtures  
 Old CoventriansvOld Laurents
11/02/2023Week 12 Fixtures  
 Old LaurentsvNewbold
 Old Leamingtonians 1vNuneaton
18/02/2023Week 13 Fixtures  
 NewboldvOld Coventrians
 KenilworthvOld Leamingtonians 1
 EarlsdonvOld Laurents
04/03/2023Week 14 Fixtures  
 Old LaurentsvBarkers
 Old Leamingtonians 1vBroadstreet
 Old CoventriansvEarlsdon
18/03/2023Week 15 Fixtures  
 BarkersvOld Coventrians
 Old Leamingtonians 1vOld Laurents
01/04/2023Week 16 Fixtures  
 NuneatonvOld Laurents
 Old CoventriansvOld Leamingtonians 1
15/04/2023Week 17 Fixtures  
 NuneatonvOld Coventrians
 Old Leamingtonians 1vNewbold
 Old LaurentsvKenilworth
22/04/2023Week 18 Fixtures  
 BroadstreetvOld Laurents
 EarlsdonvOld Leamingtonians 1
 KenilworthvOld Coventrians